Thursday, January 27, 2011

Jewish "Guardian Angels" Accused of Beating a Bro

Felony charges were lodged against the offender but the (Jewish) prosecutor lowered it to mismeandor.

Shomrim, the Jewish "Guardian Angels" is a closed organization of self-professed civilian police that are popping up all over the country - just take a look at their member and supporter list and see for yourself what is happening to the streets of our US of Israel;

and you have to be Jewish to be a member....unlike the regular Guardian Angels or even the Black Panthers,...the Shomrim are a racisit, prejudical, evil lot, comprised of ex-Israeli Defense Forces and we all know how brutal and hateful they are towards anybody not like them (goyum)-

Even the Black Panthers had people of all ethnic backrounds who were welcomed into the group who stood in solidarity w/ them and even going to jail for their cause....

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